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Hi, I’m Rachel See. 

I have 22 years of experience bridging the gap between law, policy, and technology, achieving transformative technological change in the government and private sector by leading policy, litigation, and operational initiatives. I want to continue making a difference for good guiding the building or deployment of ethical and trustworthy cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions.

As an attorney, I work at Seyfarth Shaw, as Senior Counsel and vice-chair of its People Analytics Practice Group. In my return to private practice, I am focusing on helping clients navigate AI risk management, governance, and regulatory compliance issues, both within the employment space and in other industries. In 2023, I over 12 years of service in the federal government, most recently serving at the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as an EEOC Commissioner’s Senior Counsel for AI and Algorithmic Bias. I have been a civil-rights lawyer, a litigator, and a technology advocate and enthusiast.

I have also been a leader in the trans rights movement and in 2022 I concluded my fifth year of service as the Board President of the National Center for Transgender Equality. I have been an advocate for disability rights, building community and helping explain scientific concepts to families affected by ichthyosis, a rare genetic skin disorder that affects me and three of my children. 

I’ve been playing the french horn nearly all my life, and I continue to find joy and fulfillment as a semi-professional classical musician, making music with my friends.